University & College Islamic Societies

Are you the leader of an ISOC at University or College? Islamic School Tours can organise an amazing trip that can form part of a team building experience that will be culturally, academically rewarding.

You will benefit greatly by interacting with other members of your ISOC and ISOC’s  from across the country. Spend time exploring the fascinating history of Islamic Spain, where your guides will be native Spanish Muslims working exclusively with Islamic School Tours. Tour Seville, Cordoba and visit the jewel of Al Andalus, Granada. Granada is the home of the amazing Alhambra Palace.

Why not tour the famous city of Istanbul? Home of the last Islamic Khalifa State. See amazing treasures such as the sword of legendary generals such as Khalid Bin Waleed to the doors of the Kaaba from an era long ago. We have many great tours on offer with new tours being added. We will offer all ISOC leaders help and support in promoting their tours.

Can Islamic School Tours Organise A Sisters Only Tour?

Yes! IST work closely with female tour guides in all of our destinations.

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Support in Organising Your Tour

Organising a tour for your university or college ISOC be a challenging task. IST are here to help and support you by giving you practical advise and resources to get your trip underway. For all your hard work and effort IST give all ISOC leaders a generous discount*.

*based on 15 or more students going

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