We are aware that in order to have a successful trip you need to appeal to both students and parents. For that reason we have developed a variety of promotional materials to help you with this task.

Sample letters

These downloads can be used to request parents permission for students to go on the trip and to track payments:

Power Point Presentation

This example presentation can be adapted and used to present your trip to parents and students to give them more information. You can include information such as health and safety, suggested itineraries and pictures of the accommodation. You can find text and images to use in the presentation in the destination guide that was attached to your quote.
Download PowerPoint
(Coming Soon Insha’Allah)

Posters for Classrooms & Noticeboards

Please feel free to print off a poster (A4 size) to help advertise the next trip in your school. (NB: It may take a few minutes to download a poster)

Download Spain Poster