Would you like your students to join the thousands of others going abroad on school trips every year and give them the great educational and social benefits of such an experience?

Risk assessments form part of any school trip, whether at home or abroad. Islamic School Tours want to make this as easy as possible for you! Please read our guide below and remember we are always on hand to help.

What is a risk assessment?

Within the context of school travel, a risk assessment is a written plan for how the group leader expects to lead their group on the trip with the objective of arriving home safe and sound. It is designed to identify any potential risks and plan in advance to reduce these as possible as possible.

What should a risk assessment include?

It is very important that you follow the guidelines for your particular school. Each school will have their own forms and policies. It will generally include things like how to travel to various destinations safely, where passports will be kept, how to manage students with any medical needs such as taking medication regularly etc.

Do you have to do a risk assessment for all trips abroad?

An important part of a risk assessment is considering the individual pupils and leaders in your group. Does anyone have special needs? Is anyone more/less confident in certain situations etc. Remember, the group dynamic will be unique to every trip. Once a framework has been developed you can use the framework again and again but a new revised assessment should be carried out for every trip.

Can Islamic School Tours do the risk assessment for me?

As the risks are assosciated with your group, and only you know your pupils, only you can complete the actual risk assessment. However, we will be on hand to offer practical advise and guidance where we can.

5. Where can I get more advice?

We recommend STF’s “Demystifying Risk Assessment” as a useful guide to completing risk assessments for school trips, which you can download here.