At Islamic School Tours we make every effort to ensure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible. Before travelling a group leader’s pack will be posted out to you detailing all the information you need on your transport, accommodation, excursions and locations that you will be visiting during your trip. Also included in the pack is a list of emergency contact details, providing you with 24 hour support from the moment your trip begins.

100% Satisfaction

We aim to ensure that you and your group enjoy your trip as much as possible. This is why we maintain contact with you throughout your trip, working with you to resolve any difficulties or problems you may encounter as soon as they arise. We want you to come home feeling completely satisfied with every element of your trip, from the accommodation to the activities and excursions. Insha’Allah we will do our utmost to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Expert Staff

Our highly trained staff are equipped with a wealth of experience and expertise to assist you throughout your trip. Individual staff have visited most of the locations, accommodation and activities that they organise trips to, allowing them to give you expert advice and assistance whilst you’re away. What’s more our classroom teaching experience can help you as teachers deliver any learning outcomes for your lessons.