School abroad provide valuable skills and experience for students and teachers.

Maybe you are searching for tips on how to use a school trip once you get back in the classroom?

With help from teachers, we have developed a few suggestions for how you can use the material of a school trip abroad back in the classroom. We hope you will find them helpful, and that you will adapt the examples to other subjects.


What do you want your pupils to get out of the trip, that wouldn’t be achievable in the classroom?

Example:  Al-Andalus Islamic Spain History Trip Spain: To inspire pupils and bring the subject of the The Golden Age of Islam in Europe alive, by enabling students to witness first hand the what Muslims built in Spain.

Example: Islamic Education trip to Makkah & Madinah: To totally immerse pupils in the rituals of Umrah. Experience Saudi culture and surroundings where they will be able to see and learn first hand what they have been taught in the classroom. 


What materials and experiences can you use from your trip to assist you in your classroom activities?

•    Photos taken on the trip

•    Experiences of activities/excursions you took part in

•    Worksheets

•    Leaflets you picked up

•    Scenarios

Suggested Activities: